In this article, the quality indicators of two-layer knitted fabrics of a new structure are theoretically studied on the basis of a mathematical model.


Textile, industry, mathematical, modeling, volumetric density, ring pitch, air permeability, isoline, inlet, property.


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Khalikov Kurbanali Madaminovich, Ergashev Jamoliddin Samadovich, Kurbanov Bahadir Mamadalievich, & Oralov son of Lazizbek Sayibnazar. (2023). THEORETICAL STUDY OF THE QUALITY INDICATORS OF TWO-LAYER KNITTED FABRICS OF A NEW STRUCTURE BASED ON A MATHEMATICAL MODEL. American Journal of Technology and Applied Sciences, 18, 60–63. Retrieved from https://americanjournal.org/index.php/ajtas/article/view/1490