American Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences <p>American Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences is an open access peer reviewed journal. The journal is double blind peer reviewed. The journal publishes the research in the field of humanities and social sciences. </p> <p><strong>ISSN (E):</strong> 2832-8019 <strong>JIF 2024:</strong> 9.445</p> American Journals Publishing en-US American Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences 2832-8019 ANALYZING PREPOSITIONAL ERRORS "TO & FOR” COMMITTED BY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS FOR IRAQI EFL LEARNERS <p>The main purpose of this paper is the basic applications between two English prepositions {To &amp; For} using contrastive analysis. In this regard, it is assumed that second language learners struggle with preposition use. Thus, this study seeks to assess the performance of college students in applying prepositions involving prepositional errors {To &amp; For} among undergraduates studying English as a Foreign Language in Iraq, can shed some light on the challenges encountered by learners when mastering correct usage. This study offers an in-depth understanding of the specific difficulties that Iraqi EFL learners encounter with these prepositions and proposes areas for instructional focus. However, prepositions are a vital component in English grammar. The correct usage of prepositions is important not only for the right communication but also in writing and speaking, too. This paper considered the pair {To and For} as words used frequently by many people who sometimes confuse them.</p> Mohammed Hameed Rasheed Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-06 2024-05-06 24 1 11 UTILIZING PHILOLOGY TO FACILITATE INTERCULTURAL COMPREHENSION <p>This paper delves into the utilization of philology as a mechanism to cultivate intercultural comprehension. Employing an interdisciplinary perspective, it scrutinizes how philological methodologies aid in deciphering and appreciating the cultural subtleties interwoven within language. By synthesizing theoretical constructs and empirical investigations, this study sheds light on philology's role in bridging the linguistic and cultural chasms, thereby enriching cross-cultural communication and understanding.</p> Amanov Alisher Kakhramonovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-08 2024-05-08 24 12 16 ADOLESCENCE PERIOD AND PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS OF WORKING WITH TEENAGERS <p>Unique details of the adolescence period and psychological effects of working with adults having stressed are covered in this article. Useful suggestions are given to work with teenagers having depression.</p> Darvishxojayev Xasan Abdulhakimovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-10 2024-05-10 24 17 19 EXPRESSION OF LINGUISTIC POSSIBILITIES IN THE TEXT OF FAIRY TALES <p>Linguistic networks have become increasingly widespread in World linguistics, and based on this, research work is being carried out that has proven itself. This article reflects on the language possibilities of hisbed fairy tales, the most popular genre of folk oral creativity, reporting from the life of the ancestors of each people, their thoughts, dreams, national-cultural identities, linguistic landscapes.</p> Hamid Bozorov Xo‘Shmurodovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-11 2024-05-11 24 20 23 FANATIC TENDENCIES AMONG KIRKUK UNIVERSITY STUDENTS <p>Ntolerance is a common trait that appears among many individuals, even if its forms and manifestations vary, and its effects include a person’s psychological and intellectual health, as well as his lifestyle and behavior. Which is related to the state of well-being in a person and is the result of psychological, social and political pressures that a person experiences, and is accompanied by many social, economic and psychological problems and difficulties. The concept of fanaticism has emerged as a trend that is often not based on many facts and evidence, which causes a lot of aversion, hatred, and devaluation of the status and status of other individuals and groups. It includes stereotypes that are difficult to change, even if there is evidence and facts that suggest the opposite. Given the great energy that university students represent, flowing with effectiveness and creativity, they are the pillars of the present and the guarantee of the future. All cultural transformations throughout modern history began with the youth, especially university students. Therefore, we must seek to discover this wealth and exploit them by arriving at solutions to negative phenomena and paving the way. The way to improve social conditions is through understanding phenomena and controlling them<br>The aim of the current research is to identify<br>The level of intolerant attitudes among university students.1-<br>2-The difference in the level of neurotic tendencies among high school students and in the specialization variable (scientific, humanitis)<br>3-The difference in the level of neurotic tendencies among students of this stage and in the gender variable (males, females ) .<br>The research population included Kirkuk University students, numbering (21,972). A random sample of (400) male and female students was selected. For the purpose of achieving the research objectives and fulfilling its requirements, the researcher prepared a scale to measure fanatical tendencies, presented it, and the psychometric properties of the scale were verified. Thus, the scale became ready to be applied to the research sample. For the purpose of analyzing the data and obtaining results, the researcher used a number of statistical methods, including the t-test for one sample and the t-test for two independent samples. The results resulted in the sample members having a number of neurotic tendencies and that there was no statistically significant difference in the neurotic tendencies according to the specialization variable (scientific, humanities). In light of the results, the researcher used a number of recommendations and proposals.</p> Dr. Taha Abdel Hamid Mahmoud Al-Obaidi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-12 2024-05-12 24 24 35 LEXIC-SEMANTIC FEATURES OF APHORISMS SYSTEMS <p>This article deal with lexic-semantic features of aphorisms. Linguistic sciences’ opinion are given and semantic categories of aphorisms are discussed.</p> Ruziev Khusniddin Bakhritdinovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-13 2024-05-13 24 36 40 SECONDARY OPENING OF THE PRODUCTIVE LAYER AND INCREASE OF ITS EFFICIENCY <p>In the process of drilling production wells, it is important to choose the right type and volume of drilling fluids, the correct choice of well bottom design, not to pollute the productive formation and maintain its natural permeability, and to effectively open the productive formation. Methods and drilling of wells Ensuring long-term production is one of the most pressing issues today.</p> Norinov Fakhriyor Kurbonovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-16 2024-05-16 24 41 44 TECHNOLOGY OF NEW EXTRACTION OF LIQUID HYDROCARBONS IN MINES <p>Due to satellite oil gases, global warming, acid residues, climate change and the strengthening of the greenhouse effect are taking place.<br>If we take into account that 60 billion m3 of gas is produced in Uzbekistan for a year, 58.4% of it is sent for domestic use, 6.5% to underground storages, 12.5% to the cycling process and 22.5% to export. . If 3% of the total recoverable gas is released into the atmosphere through a flare, it makes a big indicator.<br>If we take into account that burning 1000 m3 of satellite oil gas releases 3 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, then burning 1.5 billion m3 of gas releases 4.5 million tons of carbonic acid into the atmosphere. Of the 60 billion cubic meters of satellite oil gas produced in Russia, 20 billion cubic meters of gas is burned by flares, and the remaining 40 billion cubic meters of gas is used for the company's needs, a large volume of gas is used for electricity generation, 3 billion cubic meters for processing and gas chemistry. .m3 of raw material, a small amount of raw material is pumped into the layer.</p> Norinov Fakhriyor Kurbonovich Choriev Zoirjon Nusratullo ugli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-05-16 2024-05-16 24 45 46