American Journal of Pedagogical and Educational Research <p>American Journal of Pedagogical and Educational Research is an peer reviewed International, open access journal. This journal publishes the articles in the field of formal, Non formal education, Physical Education and Sports Science. Authors can submit original research for the double blind peer reviewed journal.</p> <p><strong>ISSN (E):</strong> 2832-9791 <strong> JIF 2024:</strong> 9.335</p> American Journals en-US American Journal of Pedagogical and Educational Research 2832-9791 EXAMINING THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF GENDER EQUALITY ISSUES AMONG STUDENT YOUTH <p>Gender equality is a fundamental principle that promotes fairness and equal opportunities for individuals of all genders. However, there are certain potential consequences associated with gender equality issues among student youth that need to be addressed. This article explores the dangerous consequences that can arise when gender equality is not effectively addressed in educational settings. It examines the impact on mental health, social dynamics, academic performance, and future career prospects. The article emphasizes the importance of fostering a gender-inclusive environment and provides recommendations for promoting gender equality to mitigate these potential consequences. By addressing gender equality issues among student youth, educational institutions can create a safe and supportive environment that benefits all students.</p> Xaydarova Sayyora Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-05 2024-02-05 21 1 4 THE IMPORTANCE OF DEVELOPING PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES IN THE STUDY OF ENGLISH BY STUDENTS OF THE NON-PHILOLOGICAL FACULTY <p>This article describes the importance of developing the professional competencies of students of the non-philological faculties of a higher educational establishments in English lessons. On this topic, the scientific studies and opinions of a number of scientists are indicated, and the necessary conclusions are also presented.</p> Tursunboyeva Mukhlisa Anvar kizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 21 4 6 LOGARITHM FUNCTION <p>This article provides information about the purpose and functions of the logarithm function</p> Abdurashitov Raxmatullo Abduxamitovich Xusenov Zikrillo Raxmatillo o'g'li Adxamov Xasanboy Abdusalom o‘g‘li Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 21 7 9 THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL LIFE IN NEW UZBEKISTAN <p>The content of the article consists of an analysis of the processes related to the life of women in Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan, their historical development, the expansion of their legal powers, their role in the life of society, and the impact on the processes of globalization. At this point, the rights of women in Uzbekistan and the mechanisms for their support, historical development processes, the opportunities given to them and the problems they face, as well as a number of proposals are mentioned.</p> Kayumova Kamola Nasirovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 21 10 12 FUNCTION <p>The article explains information about the function used in mathematics through examples.</p> Abdullayev Nurbek Shuhrat o‘g'li Ro'ziqulov Sa'dulla Egamnazar o‘g‘li Yoʻldoshev Bekmirza Shuxrat oʻgʻli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 21 13 15 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIO-POLITICAL DIALOGUE AND SOCIOLOGICAL DISCOURSE IN THE PROCESS OF SOCIO-POLITICAL CHANGES IN UZBEKISTAN <p>This article analyzes the role of sociological discourse in the development of the socio-political and socio-cultural life of the country and its conceptual scientific and methodological foundations. The role and importance of sociological discourse in achieving a high level of political consciousness and worldview of citizens is enormous. The development of civil initiatives and their role in building a dialogue between the government and civil society are also considered.</p> Siyaeva Gulnora Ashrafovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 21 16 20 NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN DEXMEDETOMIDINE ACOUSTIC ANESTHESIA <p>The problem of anesthesia for delivery in the abdominal cavity has long been solved. At the same time, spinal (SA) and epidural anesthesia (EA), as well as general multicomponent anesthesia (GA) with mechanical ventilation are used as anesthetic assistants [1]. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. In modern obstetrics, the choice of anesthesia for caesarean section is of particular importance, as it should contribute to adequate protection of the pregnant woman from surgical stress and create optimal conditions for the adaptation of the fetus in the perioperative and neonatal period. In modern obstetrics, the anesthesiologist plays a larger role than simply providing anesthesia for caesarean section and postpartum care [2]. Caesarean section is one of the most common birth operations used in obstetric practice. The frequency of this delivery operation is increasing all over the world, including in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The problem of sedation in obstetric intensive care units is undoubtedly of scientific and practical importance [3]. Sedation can reduce the risk of congenital complications and allow patients to recover more quickly.Most often, a component of drug sedation is a local blockade performed by an anesthesiologist, because an important task of sedation is to achieve and maintain a level of anesthesia that eliminates involuntary movements and increases in blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, and timely treatment. [4]. Almost all patients in the intensive care unit are adequate for various reasons, including the need for invasive procedures, disruption of sleep and wake rhythms, the severity of the general condition and the need for respiratory support. level requires sedation [5].</p> Khudoyberdiyeva Gulrukh Sobirovna Khudoyberdieva Gulrukh Sobirjonovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-09 2024-02-09 21 21 24 EXPLORING THE UNIQUE ASPECTS OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN MILITARY EDUCATION: CONCEPTS AND IMPLICATIONS <p>Vocational skills play an important role in the formation of skills, abilities and qualifications of students receiving military education. This scientific article highlights the specific aspects that contribute to the successful professional development of students engaged in military education. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing research and an examination of the unique challenges and demands these individuals face, this study identifies key components necessary to enhance professional growth, develop leadership and critical thinking skills, and achieve overall success in military education programs. focused on lighting.</p> Kudrat Khudaybergenov Bakhtiyorovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 21 25 27 ENHANCING THE METHODOLOGY FOR DEVELOPING PROFESSIONAL PEDAGOGICAL COMPETENCE OF FUTURE TEACHERS IN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES <p>As digital technologies continue to transform various aspects of our lives, it is crucial to equip future teachers with the necessary professional pedagogical competence to effectively integrate digital technologies into their teaching practices. This article aims to explore and propose an improved methodology for enhancing the professional pedagogical competence of future teachers in the discipline of digital technologies. By integrating theoretical frameworks, practical experiences, and evidence-based strategies, this methodology seeks to empower future teachers with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to navigate the digital landscape and deliver quality education in the digital age. The proposed methodology emphasizes a holistic approach, encompassing both theoretical understanding and practical application, and highlights the importance of ongoing professional development and reflective practice.</p> Tashmatova Gulzoda Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 21 28 33 BLURRING THE BOUNDARIES: DEVELOPING PEDAGOGICAL SKILLS OF TEACHERS IN THE ERA OF MEDIATOCRE EDUCATION <p>This article discusses the concept of "mediatocre education," which refers to an educational approach that heavily relies on digital media and technology for instructional purposes. The author explores the challenges faced by teachers in adapting to this evolving landscape and offers insights into how they can enhance their pedagogical skills to thrive in the mediatocre era.<br>The article highlights three key challenges faced by teachers in a mediatocre education system: technological competence, pedagogical adaptation, and media literacy. It emphasizes the need for teachers to develop proficiency in using technology effectively, adapt their pedagogical strategies to online and blended learning environments, and acquire media literacy skills to critically evaluate and curate digital content. To address these challenges, the author suggests several strategies for enhancing pedagogical skills in the mediatocre era. These strategies include continuous professional development, collaboration and peer learning, reflective practice, student-centered approaches, and integrating media literacy education into the curriculum. The article argues that by embracing these strategies, teachers can navigate the new educational paradigm effectively and create engaging and transformative learning experiences for their students.</p> Suleymanova Ra'no Dusbekovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 21 34 38 THE PRESERVATION OF PECULIARITIES OF LEXICAL AND SEMANTIC ASSOCIATION OF TERMINOGIAL PHRASAL COMPONENTSIN IN INDIRECT TRANSLATION <p>The article discusses the peculiarities of lexical and semantic association of terminological phrasal components used in Ray Bradbury’s stories in English and Uzbek Languages.</p> Boboyev Yusuf Beknazarovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-11 2024-02-11 21 39 44 FIRE RETARDANT PROPERTIES OF POLYESTERSULFONE KETONES <p>Currently, a large number of methods for the synthesis of block copolymers make it possible to combine an unlimited number of different molecules and synthesize a large number of block copolymers. The thermal and mechanical properties and stability of the synthesized block copolymers vary widely. Newly synthesized block copolymers and copolymers can be used as heat-resistant structural and film materials in various fields of modern industry (automotive, electronics, electrical, aviation, chemical industries).</p> Rayimov Zukhriddin Khayriddin ogli Haydarov Axtam Amonovich Haytiyev Shaxruz Botir ogli Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-11 2024-02-11 21 45 48 HARMONY OF IMAGE AND IDEA IN THE NOVEL “IMAM MOTURIDI” <p>In this article, the novel “Imam Moturidi ” by the famous Uzbek writer Luqmon Boukhon is drawn into analysis. The article covers the tasks of elements of artistic composition in bringing an idea to the surface, the artistic-aesthetic functions of the means of speech, which carried out ideological communication in the text.</p> Gulziyo Jo’rayeva Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-11 2024-02-11 21 49 53 CHARACTERISTICS OF JOURNALISTIC ACTIVITY IN EMERGENCIES AND SITUATIONS <p>An emergency situation is a situation that can lead to the death of people, damage to people's health or the environment, great material damage to people's life and its disruption in a certain area. it is a situation caused by an accident, disaster, natural disaster, epidemics, epizootics.</p> Ortiqboyeva Mubina Navruzbekovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-11 2024-02-11 21 54 57 SIMILAR SOUNDING WORDS IN DARI AND ENGLISH, WHICH INDICATE A COMMON ORIGIN OF BOTH THE LANGUAGES <p>The writing system. Dari uses the Arabic alphabet, English uses the Roman alphabet. Farsi writes from right to left, English from left to right. Farsi doesn’t include short vowel sounds in writing, English does. Farsi spells most words the way they are pronounced. English includes many non-phonetic spellings. Farsi has letters for sounds that exist in English, but English does not have those letters as unique letters (zhe as in genre, ch as in church, sh as in shirt).</p> Muslih Ahmad Shikib Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 21 58 62 RAISING THE AESTHETIC THINKING OF YOUNG PEOPLE THEORETICAL-METHODOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS <p>This article poses the problem of educating youth as fully mature individuals, which today is being solved on the basis of unique modern socio-cultural technologies, creating many conditions for youth, and also reveals the role of youth in the Eastern Renaissance, in the activities of the Jadids and the renewal of society. Theoretically and methodologically, the need to always be at the head of youth, to guide and support them is analyzed and explained. Also, the greatest attention is paid to the education of the youth of our country as those who think independently, have a broad worldview, have intellectual potential, are well-mannered, cultured, know how to feel beauty, and have high aesthetic thinking.</p> Djalalova Nigora Xusanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-16 2024-02-16 21 63 66 FOOD ADDITIVES, DIETARY AND BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE ADDITIVES <p>The article considers the classification of secondary resources formed during the processing of plant material. It has been established that, from the point of view of valuable macronutrients, secondary resources formed during the processing and canning of fruits and vegetables, in the production of vegetable oils, products of the milling and grain industry, as well as during the processing of grapes are of the greatest interest. Currently, despite the large number of developed and implemented technologies, it has been concluded that developments providing complex processing of plant material to obtain food and biologically active additives are relevant.</p> Sultonova Husnidakhan Hasanjon kizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-16 2024-02-16 21 67 70 SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEEKISTAN: IN THE PAST, AT PRESENT, IN THE FUTURE <p>This article analyzes retrospectives and current state of the SOF of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan in comparison with the Special Operations Forces units’ organization and experience of use in the leading foreign armies of the world.</p> Lieutenant Colonel Ildar N. Yafarov Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-18 2024-02-18 21 71 75 FORMATION OF READING COMPETENCE IN ENGLISH AT NON-PHILOLOGICAL UNIVERSITIES ON A TECHNOLOGICAL BASIS <p>It is known that learning to read information in a foreign language and apply it in the professional field is one of the current issues. This article is devoted to the issue of organizing the step-by-step development of English reading habits and skills of non-philological university students on a technological basis. In addition, extensive information is provided on the technological approach to foreign language teaching.</p> Moydinova Shohida Ismailjanovna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-20 2024-02-20 21 76 81 SPORT MANAGEMENT THROUGH NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS <p>In this created state, sports management is organized through national and international sports organizations. Upravlenie sistemoy sporta osnovyvaetsya na teorii upravleniya, menedzhmenta.</p> (PhD),dos. S.A. Akhmedova dos. S.N.Haydarov N.O. Pirimova Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-21 2024-02-21 21 82 85 THE WORK” HISTORY OF ANBIO AND HUKAMO": DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PUBLICATIONS <p>The article describs the opinion about differentions on the publications of Alisher Navoi’s historical writing called “Tarihi anbiyo va hukamo”.</p> Ashurova U.M. Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-23 2024-02-23 21 86 89 THE CONTENT OF IMPROVING THE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OF STUDENTS ON THE BASIS OF A DIFFERENTIATED APPROACH <p>The points presented in the article are a combination of ideas about the mechanisms for the development and implementation of the e-learning environment model, which makes it possible to improve the professional training of future engineers studying at a technical higher educational institution on the basis of a differentiated approach.</p> Chorshanbiyev Zafar Esanpulatovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 90 96 THE ROLE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PORTRAIT GENRE IN AESTHETIC EDUCATION OF V-VIII CLASS STUDENTS OF GENERAL SECONDARY SCHOOLS <p>In this article, the aesthetic education of schoolchildren by means of visual arts is justified from a scientific and theoretical point of view, the role of the portrait genre in providing the creative activity opportunities of all schoolchildren is revealed.</p> Khasanov. Kh. Kh Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 97 101 THE IMPORTANCE OF PATRIOTIC STUDY IN EDUCATING YOUTH IN PATRIOTIC SPIRIT <p>In this article, there are thoughts and opinions about educating young people in the spirit of patriotism. One of the leading, main components of high spirituality is patriotism. Therefore, the concept of patriotism is approached and interpreted differently. In our opinion, patriotism means that a person values his motherland and spends his energy and energy for this motherland, regardless of its field. Although this definition does not cover all aspects of patriotism, the definition is correctly understood if the word patriotism is approached in a broad sense.</p> Khasanov. Kh. Kh Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 102 105 METHODS OF ORGANIZATION IN FINE ARTS LESSONS BASED ON MODERN PEDAGOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES <p>In this article, the skills and methods of using modern pedagogical technologies in the process of conducting fine art lessons, the application of pedagogical renewal processes to educational practice, and the issue of pedagogical technology in teaching fine arts at school are fully described.</p> Turayev Olimjon Suvanovich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 106 110 DEVELOPING STUDENTS' CREATIVE COMPETENCIES THROUGH PEN DRAWING OF GEOMETRIC BODIES <p>This article fully describes the skills and methods of using modern pedagogical technologies in the process of conducting fine arts classes, applying the renewal processes in pedagogy to educational practice, and providing information about geometric objects to students and young people with the help of pencil drawings.</p> Ermuminov Abdijabbar Tursunbayevich Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 111 114 THE SUBJECT "FUNDS OF COLOR AND COMPOSITION" IS ONE OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS OF FINE ART EDUCATION <p>Concepts of the basic laws of painting and composition, types, place and importance of painting in artistic decoration, rules and laws in the interpretation of graphic images are given and interpreted.</p> Safarova Saodat Tursunbayevna Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 115 119 THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL ASSESSMENT IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION <p>This article discusses the international system for assessing the quality of education, international experience in defining, analyzing and implementing the quality of education, the role and significance of foreign research in determining the priorities of the national education system and participation in international research on ways to assess the quality of education.</p> Djumaeva Sanobar Absaatovna Yusupova Makhbubakhon Bakhodir kizi Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-29 2024-02-29 21 120 123