This article provides information on increasing the yield of fruits and obtaining high-quality honey by planting trees and shrubs that provide nectar and pollen, improving the food base of bees.


Bees, bee feeding, bee milk, bee wax, bee venom, pollen, flower.


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Tolipova Kholidaxon Sherali kizi, Uktamova Zebokhon Nosirjon kizi, Okhunova Durdona Erkinjon kizi, & Azizov Rahmatillo Olimjon ugli. (2023). IMPROVE THE BEE FOOD BASE BY PLANTING SAP AND POLLINATING TREES AND SHRUBS. American Journal of Pedagogical and Educational Research, 18, 42–46. Retrieved from https://americanjournal.org/index.php/ajper/article/view/1443