The prevalence and intensity of dental caries in children has decreased in many countries of the world over the past 20-30 years [1], and this phenomenon in the late XX and early XXI centuries coincided with the widespread introduction of systemic fluoridation programs.


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Sadriyev Nizom Najmiddinovich, Boboqulov Utkir Abdullo ugli, Eshonqulov Mirvohid Murod ugli, Xamroqulova Nasiba Ravshan qizi, & Maxmatmurodov Shoxzod Alisher ugli. (2023). CARIES IN SCHOOL CHILDREN AND TREATMENT PREVENTIVE MEASURES . American Journal of Pedagogical and Educational Research, 16, 44–49. Retrieved from https://americanjournal.org/index.php/ajper/article/view/1206

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