American Journal of Business Management, Economics and Banking <p>American Journal of Business Management, Economics and Banking is an peer reviewed international, open access journal. This journal publishes the articles in the field of Economics and Business Management. Authors are requested to submit their original research for the double blind peer reviewed journal.</p> <p><strong>ISSN (E):</strong> 2832-8078 <strong> JIF:</strong> 7.725</p> American Journals en-US American Journal of Business Management, Economics and Banking 2832-8078 FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO INDICATORS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO IRAQ <p>Financial technology as an experience in the banking sector is a recent financial experience. The current study examines the ability of the banking sector to contribute to achieving the requirements of sustainable development through the role of modern technology in enabling various social groups to own electronic services and use them to meet their requirements. This will contribute to the advanced stages of achieving the seventeenth sustainable development goals. The search will focus on Iraq and how many financial technology requirements will support sustainable development requirements.</p> Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmed H.Al-Husayny Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-10 2022-09-10 4 1 13 NEW TRENDS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT: CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK <p>Marketing Management identifies market opportunities and comes out with appropriate strategies for exploring those opportunities profitably. It has to implement marketing program and evaluate continuously the effectiveness of marketing-mix. It has to remove the deficiencies observed in the actual execution of marketing plans, policies, and procedures. It looks after the marketing system of the enterprise. Management is the process of getting things done in an organized and efficient manner. Marketing management aims at efficient operation of marketing activities. Marketing management smoothen the process of exchange of ownership of goods and services from seller to the buyer. Marketing management, like all other areas of management comprises of the function of planning, organizing, directing coordinating and controlling. This research article presents the conceptual framework of marketing management.</p> Arshi Naim Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-16 2022-09-16 4 14 26 UNIVERSITY EDUCATION AND ITS ROLE IN PROMOTING PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL PRACTICES FOR ACCOUNTING WORK, A FIELD STUDY IN ACADEMIC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN THE THI QAR GOVERNORATE <p>The study purpose to identify the role of accounting education in educational institutions in promoting professional and ethical practices of the accounting profession because this profession has an important and vital impact on the financial, administrative and economic activity of the country. Statistical programs, and the researcher used the questionnaire method to enhance the results of the study that targeted educational institutions in Thi Qar Governorate.The results of the study proved the existence of a role for academic and practical accounting qualification in promoting professional and ethical practices of the accounting profession, and the study recommended the necessity of linking theoretical courses in educational institutions to the nature of the labor market applied in various economic institutions.</p> Hussein Ali Mohsen Copyright (c) 2022 2022-09-22 2022-09-22 4 27 42